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Antithesis Magazine is back online.

The Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King Launched.

What would the Puritans and Reformers sound like if they preached today? – Check out this link where hundreds of sermons have been preached using their manuscripts.

Puritan Quotes – lots of tidbits from Church History

Josiah Shute’s (1588-1643) New Bio Page – if you don’t know him, get to know him.

Check out the WILD BOAR News Podcast

Think on the Glorious Love of Christ

MP3 Sermon: True Accountability to Christ’s Standard of Truth, Isaiah 62:10

Check out the CRTA Blog.

Like his work, “The Wells of Salvation Opened”, the wells of Spurstowe’s ability in preaching and exhorting is almost unparalleled in these sermons on death, duty, eternity and more. These are all his sermons available to be printed.

“I can’t express, on this side of heaven, how much the Reformed Apprentice series has helped me. You’ll have to wait until glory to find out.”

– Mark S., IN

See all four volumes to this workbook series here.

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