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Ethics is the branch of Christian theology that deals with moral principles. These moral principles concern the Law of God and the commands of Christ. “Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.” (Deut. 4:2). And, “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46).


Along with Gospel Worship, this is the best work Burroughs ever penned. It is one of the best puritan works you will ever read on coming to Christ.

Thankfulness to God is not just about saying “Thank you for who You are and what You have done in Christ.” It’s about obeying God’s commandments. Did you know that?

How do you reconcile the Law of God (what God’s commands are for the Christian church) and the Gospel (the free grace found in Christ)? Antinomians (those against the Law of God) have attempted for centuries to annul the Law…

God placed the 4th commandment right in the middle of the Law of God. Like God, His law never changes. Cleaver shows how to uphold the 4th commandment, and demonstrates the abiding nature of the Lord’s Day, or Christian Sabbath.

This is one of Edmund Calamy’s most powerful works on delighting in the Law of God no matter what afflictions may come. Here we find Christ is our ALL. This is Puritan Preaching at its best.

Are you ready for Reformation to occur? Thomas Ford says that you must not only be ready for it to occur, but that you must be settled to see it through to the end. This is EVERY Christian’s duty.

Jonathan Edwards on the Nature of True Virtue

Christ or the Lodge? by Orthodox Presbyterian Church
A paper outlining the results of a study conducted by the OPC of secret organizations and especially Masonry and its related organizations. The committee concludes that “Masonry is a religious institution and as such is definitely anti-Christian”.

Moses’ Law for Modern Government: The Intellectual and Sociological Origins of the Christian Reconstructionist Movement by J. Ligon Duncan III
This paper was written by Ligon Duncan, a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. Though from a more sociological perspective, it is a critique/overview of Theonomy, a particular view of ethics.

Wholesome Severity Reconciled with Christian Liberty by George Gillespie
Should the civil magistrate enforce both tables of the law of God? G. Gillespie states in a Wholesome Severity, “I have endeavored in the following discourse to vindicate the lawful, yea necessary use of the coercive power of the Christian Magistrate in suppressing and punishing heretics and sectaries, according as the degree of their offense and of the Church’s danger shall require.”

To the Protector Somerset by John Calvin
Duties Imposed on the Protector by the High Office which He Holds — Plan of A Complete Reformation in England — Preaching of the Pure Word of God — Rooting out of Abuses — Correction of Vices and Scandalous Offenses

Human Beings and Abortion by C. Matthew McMahon

Situational Ethics and WWJD? by C. Matthew McMahon

The Barren Womb and IVF Part 1 by C. Matthew McMahon

The Barren Womb and IVF Part 2 by C. Matthew McMahon

The Teleological Suspension of the Ethical by C. Matthew McMahon

For Whom Was God’s Law Intended? by Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen

A Biblical Perspective on Abortion by Ed Walsh

A Letter To Paul Hill by Gary North

Speech Against Abortion by Alan Keyes

Behind the Scenes of an Abortion Clinic: Ex-Director Speaks by Carol Everett

An Abstract of the Laws of New England by John Cotton (1641)
An eye-opening glimpse into the early Puritan theocracy.

Some Thoughts on Theonomy by G. I. Williamson
The author offers his views on the issue of “Theonomy”, a hotly debated topic in Christian ethics. CRTA feels that his article offers a good perspective on this difficult topic.

The Law and the Saint by Arthur W. Pink (PDF)

The Christian and the Theatre by Samuel Miller (Sermon on Theatre Attendance) (1812).

Thomas Brainerd’s Sermon on the Influence of Theatres (1840).

Detecting Some of the Errors Concerning God’s Ordinance of Civil Magistracy by James Douglas (1779-1857)

A Reformed Response to Daniel Helminiak’s Gay Theology by Derrick K. Olliff and Dewey H. Hodges

A Further Look at Pro-Homosexual Theology by Derrick K. Olliff and Dewey H. Hodges

God and the Gay Christian by Al Mohler (PDF)
A response to Matthew Vine’s homosexual viewpoint (Vines teaches that the bible does not teach God’s condemnation against the sin of homosexuality and sodomy).

The Biblical Offense of Racism by Douglas M. Jones III

Population Growth as Blessing or Blight? by E. Calvin Beisner

The Other Shoe: Copyright and the Reasonable Use of Technology by John M. Frame
This paper, published in Antithesis magazine, examines the nature of copyright law and suggests improvements that would allow for a more “reasonable” use of photocopy technologies for copyrighted materials. This issue is indeed ethical — Romans 13 binds the conscience of Christians to follow copyright laws.

The Lord’s Day, Christian Sabbath and Fourth Commandment (See the Full Lord’s Day Page Here)

The Christian Sabbath: Its Nature, Design and Proper Observance by R. L. Dabney
From, Discussions of Robert L. Dabney, Volume I, pages 496-550.

The Fourth Commandment by Charles Hodge
From his Systematic Theology, In Three Volumes. – Vol. III, pp. 321-348

The Fourth Commandment by James Durham

The Westminster Assembly’s Position on the Lord’s Day

Check out these books on the Lord’s Day at Puritan Publications. And these books:

The True Doctrine of the Sabbath, by Nicholas Bound
Moral Law and the Covenants, by Anthony Burgess
The Christian Sabbath Vindicated by Daniel Cawdrey and Herbert Palmer
The Commandments of God, by Edward Elton
God’s Holy Mind, by Edward Elton
An Exposition of the 10 Commandments, by Ezekiel Hopkins
An Abstract of the Duties Commanded and the Sins Forbidden in the Law of God, George Downame
The Law Unsealed, James Durham
The Sermons of John Calvin on the 10 Commandments, by John Calvin
The Commandments, John Dod
Sunday a Sabbath, John Ley
A Defense of the Christian Sabbath, John Wallis
The Moral Law Expounded, Lancelot Andrews
A Brief Exposition of the Ten Commandments, Patrick Simon
The Lord’s Day, Thomas Young
The Sabbath’s Sanctification, William Gouge
The Christian Sabbath Defended, William Twisse
A Profitable Discourse on the Sabbath Day, Zachary Ursinus
Sin, The Law and the Glory of the Gospel, by Joseph Bellamy
The Lord’s Day, by Joseph Pipa
The Ten Commandments, by Thomas Watson
Theses Sabbaticae, by Thomas Shepherd
A Treatise on the Law and the Gospel, by John Calqhoun
Call the Sabbath a Delight, by Walter Chantry
Celebrating the Sabbath, by Bruce Ray
The Lord’s Day, by Daniel Wilson
The Grace of Law, by Ernest Kevan
The Law of God, by William Plumer
The Worship of the English Puritans, by Horton Davies
The Worship of the American Puritans, by Horton Davies
Calvin and the Sabbath, by Richard Gaffin
Hebrews, Volume 2, The Name, Original, Nature, Use, and Continuance of a Day of Sacred Rest, [Pages 265-460], By John Owen
Discussions, Volume 1, [Pages 496-550], by R. L. Dabney
Systematic Theology, by [Pages 351-357; 366-397], by R. L. Dabney
The Works of Jonathan Edwards Volume 2, 3 Sermons on the Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath, [Pages 93-103] by Jonathan Edwards
The Marrow of Theology, [Pages 112, 283-284, 291-295, 298] by William Ames
The Collected Writings of John Murray, Volume 1 [Pages 205-225] and Volume 3, [Pages 34-35; 43, 49, 72-73, 75-76, 101, 108], by John Murray
Institutes of Elenctic Theology, Volume 2, [Pages 1-37; 77-100] by Francis Turretin
Institutes of the Christian Religion, Volume 2, [Book 2.8.29ff], by John Calvin
Systematic Theology Volume 3, [Pages 257-275; 321-340], by Charles Hodge
The Works of Richard Baxter, Volume 3, [879-926], by Richard Baxter
The Works of Ezekiel Hopkins, Volume 3 [Pages 236-267; 364-387], by Ezekiel Hopkins
Paul, An Outline of His Theology, [Pages 99-100; 106-107; 130-158; by Herman Ridderbos
The Sabbath Defended, James Milligan

Greg Bahnsen Articles on Ethics

Greg L. Bahnsen (September 17, 1948 – December 11, 1995) was an American Calvinist philosopher, apologist, and debater. He was a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a full-time Scholar in Residence for the Southern California Center for Christian Studies (SCCCS).

PE011-Review: “New Theology No. 10 (M. E. Marty and D. G. Peerman, eds.)”, Westminster Theological Journal XXXVI:3 (Spring, 1974)

PE019-“Double Jeopardy: A Case Study in the Influence of Christian Legislation”, Journal of Christian Reconstruction II:2 (Winter, 1975-1976)

PE021-“Introduction to John Cotton’s Abstract of the Laws of New England”, Journal of Christian Reconstruction II:2 (Winter, 1975-1976) (Also in V:2; Winter, 1978-79)

PE029-“The Sin of Usury”, Presbyterian Guardian 46:2(February, 1977)

PE033-“No Interest from a Brother”, Presbyterian Guardian 46:8 (September, 1977)

PE035-Letter: “About Law”, Presbyterian Guardian 47:3 (March, 1978)

PE036-Letter: “Comment on Chantry’s Review of Rushdoony”, The Banner of Truth issue 178 (July, 1978)

PE040-“The Authority of God’s Law”, Presbyterian Journal 37:2 (December 6, 1978)

PE041-“God’s Law and Gospel Prosperity: A Reply to the Editor of the Presbyterian Journal”, (distributed by the Session of St. Paul Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, 1978)

PE043-“M. G. Kline on Theonomic Politics: An Evaluation of His Reply”, Journal of Christian Reconstruction VI:2 (Winter, 1979-1980)

PE046-Letter: Response to R. Lefevre on abortion, The Register (Santa Anna) (June 14, 1981)

PE049-Letter: “Strong Complaint,&quote; Christianity Today XXV:21 (December 11, 1981) [about a review of Chantry’s book]

PE050-“Chantry on Law and Reconstruction”, 1981 [Reply to Chantry’s God’s Righteous Kingdom]

PE054-“The Theonomic Antithesis to Other Law-Attitudes”, (1982)

PE058-“Theses on Divorce and Spousal Abuse”, [written for Special Committee of Presbytery] 1984

PE059-Letter: “Puritans Were Theonomists”, New Horizons VI:1 (Jan., 1985)

PE063-“Should We Uphold Unchanging Moral Absolutes?”, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 28:3 (September, 1985) [Response to Chismar & Rausch]

PE071-“A Moral Checkup for Your Mouth”, (Irvine, CA: Covenant Community Church November, 1987)

PE076-“What Kind of Morality Should We Legislate?”, The Biblical Worldview 4:10 (October, 1988)

PE077-Foreword to The Debate Over Christian Reconstruction by Gary DeMar (Atlanta, GA: American Vision Press, 1988) [ethical failure of critics]

PE079-“For Whom was God’s Law Intended?”, The Biblical Worldview 4:12 (December, 1988) [shows O.T. Gentiles were obligated to God’s law]

PE086-“Helping the Poor Without Feeding the Beast,”; Antithesis I:2 (Mar/Apr, 1990)

PE092-“Obscenity and Absurdity”, Antithesis I:3 (May/Jun, 1990)

PE096-“The Reaping Season”, The Seventh Trumpet V:4 (Sept/Oct, 1990) [consequences to society rejecting God’s law]

PE097-“Henry Miller: The Life and Literature of Obscenity”, Antithesis I:6 (Nov/Dec, 1990)

PE113-“War and Peace”, Penpoint II:1 (March 1991)

PE114-Study Guide: “A Christian View of War”, (Irvine, CA: Southern California Center for Christian Studies, February 1991)

PE116-“Modern Sexuality and Religious Sanity”, Penpoint II:3 (June, 1991)

PE119-“Cross-Examination: The Unchanging Character of God’s Law-Part 1”, The Counsel of Chalcedon XIII:4 (September, 1991)

PE120-“Bigger Government, Yet Bigger Crime”, Penpoint Vol. II:5 (September, 1991)

PE121-“Cross-Examination: The Unchanging Character of God’s Law-Part II”,The Counsel of Chalcedon XIII:8 (October, 1991)

PE122-“Sadistic Syndrome” and “Sexual Harassment, Sexual Hypocrisy”, Penpoint Vol. II:6 (November, 1991)

PE124-“Cross Examination: The Universal Validity of God’s Law”, The Counsel of Chalcedon XIII:9 (November 1991)

PE125-“Interview with Dr. Greg Bahnsen”, Contra Mundum (No 2) [About theonomic ethics, civil government, etc.]

PE134-“Oppressive Religious Liberty”, Penpoint Vol. III:1 (February 1992)

PE141-“Cross Examination: In Defense of Theonomy”, Counsel of Chalcedon XIV:5-6 (July-Aug, 1992) [Response to critiques by J. W. Robbins]

PE144-“The Theonomic Thesis in Confessional and Historical Perspective”, 1980

PE152-“Pre-marital Sexual Relations: What is the Moral Obligation When Repeated Incidents are Confessed?”, 1992

PE154-“Praying for a Russian Revolution”, Penpoint Vol. IV:1 (January 1993)

PE157-“Rock-and-Roll Politics”, Penpoint Vol. IV:3 (April 1993)

PE164-“A Fraternal Reply to Nelson Kloosterman”, Christian Renewal Vol. XI:7 (June 14, 1993)

PE170-“The Westminster Assembly and the Equity of the Judicial Law”,; Penpoint Vol. IV:7 (October 1993)

PE174-“The Wacko in Waco”, Penpoint Vol. IV:3 (April, 1993)

PE175-Book Notices: “The Apocalypse”, Lockman; “Education vs. Idolatry”, Perks; “Gay Militants”, McIlhenney; Dialog Over the Place of the Law,&quote; Strickland, ed. (pp 3-4) Penpoint Vol. IV:4 (May, 1993)

PE176-“Cross-Examination: A Biblical Standard for Civil Law”, The Counsel of Chalcedon Vol. XV:8 (October, 1993)

PE177-“The Corpse of Communism”, Penpoint Vol. IV:8 (December, 1993)

PE179-“An Interview with Greg L. Bahnsen”, Calvinism Today Vol. IV:1 (January 1994)

PE180-“What is Theonomy?”, New Horizons, (April 1994)

PE181-“Biblical Policy on Keeping Covenant with God in the Education of Our Children”, Penpoint Vol. V:3 (April, 1994)

PE182-“In the Shadow of Sodom: Does the Bible Really Say What We Thought About Homosexuality?”, Christianity & Society Vol. 4:2 (April 1994)

PE187-“Recent Theonomic Discussion”, Penpoint Vol. V:4 (May 1994)

PE188-“Review of Stephen Perks’ Christianity and Law”, Penpoint V:5 (June 1994)

PE189-“Landlady’s Religious Liberty Upheld: Dr. Bahnsen Had Testified in Her Behalf”, Penpoint Vol. V:6 (July 1994)

PE190-“Reconstructionist Voices from the Past”, Penpoint Vol. V:6 (Aug. 1994)

PE192-Extemporaneous responses by Dr. Bahnsen to written criticisms and critical questions over his thesis: Theonomy in Christian Ethics, (1978)

PE194-Letter: “Theonomy”, New Horizons, Vol. 15:10 (November 1994)

PE201-“The Ethical Issue of Trans-sexuality”, Penpoint VI:6 (June, 1995)

PE203-“Religious Pluralism and Social Anarchy”, Penpoint VI:8 (August, 1995)

PE209-Evaluation and Comparison”, Penpoint VII:6 (July 1996)

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