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Click here for an online sermon preparation course.

Click here for online videos on pastoral theology and preaching.

Click here for lectures, and expository preaching MP3s by Rev. C. Matthew McMahon.

Click here for an article on the character of a true theologian by Herman Witsius.

An Exhortation and Reminder on the Office of Elder,
1 Tim. 3 Job 33 and Acts 6, C. Matthew McMahon (Feb. 24, 2019)

Evaluation and Summaries of the Major Pastoral Theology works.

Here are indispensable books you can download in PDF. Read them along with your bible. They are some of the best works for Pastors in print on pastoral theology and preaching.

The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges
The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter
Pastoral Theology by Thomas Murphy
Sacred Rhetoric Or Evangelical Eloquence by RL Dabney
Hints and Helps to Pastoral Ministry by William Plumer
An Earnest Ministry by John Angell James
Pastoral Theology by Patrick Fairbain
Thoughts on Preaching by JW Alexander
Pastoral Theology by William Cunningham

Questions for Pastoral Candidates

Jellyfish Christianity by J.C. Ryle

Concerning a Calling to the Ministry, and Clearness Therein by James Durham

Pastoral Counsels by James Meikle (1730-1799)

The Visible and Invisible Church by C. Matthew McMahon

The Three Marks of the True Church by C. Matthew McMahon

Preaching and the Pulpit Part 1 by C. Matthew McMahon

Preaching and the Pulpit, Part 2: Preaching and Worship by C. Matthew McMahon

The Pastor and the Pulpit Part 3: The Place of Eternal Significance by C. Matthew McMahon

The Pastor and the Pulpit Part 4: Reformed Experimental Preaching and Preparing to Preach by C. Matthew McMahon

The Uselessness of Church Speakers by C. Matthew McMahon

The Uselessness of Church Entertainers, The Second Act by C. Matthew McMahon

What Is A Call To The Ministry? by R.L. Dabney

The Christian Ministry by Samuel Davies

A Brief Overview of Interpreting the Scriptures by C. Matthew McMahon

The Life of the Preacher by C. Matthew McMahon

Running Goats Out of the Church by D.J. Ward

Pastoral Counsels from the Nature, Importance, Duties and Qualifications of the Pastor by James Meikle (1730-1799)

Sermons Have a Specific Structure by C. Matthew McMahon

Thoughts on Rebuking by C. Matthew McMahon

The Modern Pulpit by J.C. Ryle

Where Oh Where has the Precisionist Gone? by C. Matthew McMahon

An Ignorant, Profane, and Soul-flattering Clergy by Thomas Brooks

The Elder and Divorce by C. Matthew McMahon

Simplicity in Preaching by J. C. Ryle

The Pulpit: A Moment for Self-Reflection by C. Matthew McMahon

Christ, The Example of Ministers by Jonathan Edwards

A Minister Murdering All His Hearers by Thomas Brooks

The Gospel Ministry by John Brown

The Devil has his Ministers by Thomas Watson

The Gospel, the Ministry and the Holy Spirit by B. P. Aydelott

The Cultivation of Personal Piety by James Alexander (1804-1859)

An Exhortation for Those Desiring the Office of Bishop or Elder by B. P. Aydelott

Feeding Sheep, or Amusing Goats? by Charles Spurgeon

The Public Preaching of Women by R.L. Dabney

Pastoral Counsels by James Meikle (1730-1799)

Paul on Women Speaking in the Church by Benjamin B. Warfield

A Faithful Minister by John Newton (1725-1807)

Who Should Administer the Sacraments? by C. Matthew McMahon

Our Sins at the Seminary by John Angell James (1785-1859)

Ministerial Pride by Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

Matthew 2:18, Rachel Weeping for Her Children by C. Matthew McMahon

Pastoral Theology and Expository Preaching Videos

Wise Counsel to a Young Preacher by Mr. Brewer

The Church Where the President Speaks by Geoff Thomas

Do Not Judge a Minister by Thomas Brooks (1608-1680)

Ordinary Ministers and Their Office in Preaching by William Ames

Unholy Ministers by Thomas Brooks (1608-1680)

The Pastor and the Pulpit, Parts 1 and 2 by C. Matthew McMahon

The Love of Souls by Samuel Davies (1723-1761)

A Pastoral Quiz (Easy) by C. Matthew McMahon

Preaching by William Gurnall (1617-1679)

A Pastoral Quiz (Longer) by C. Matthew McMahon

Preaching God’s Word by William Gouge (1575–1653)

Falling into Sin, the Plight of a Defective Minister Considering Psalm 50:16-17 by Origen

The Deacon: An Inquiry into the Nature, Duties, and Exercise of the Office of Deacon, in the Christian Church by James M. Willson, A.M.

An Inquiry into Church Fellowship by John T. Pressly

Pastoral Admonitions, Warning and Letters


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