Is Christmas Christian?

Christmas and the Regulative Principle of Worship


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We know that you would love a quick answer to the question – “Should Christians celebrate Christmas?” But most things worth understanding and knowing about are a little bit more complex than simply giving a yes or no answer. There are many articles and papers written to show that Christmas, and other holidays like Easter, are thoroughly unbiblical, and are intended to sway the Christian community away from practicing such “man-made holy-days.” No doubt the authors of such papers have the best interest of the Christian Church in mind, and are not simply jumping upon the bandwagon of “reformed thought” in order to add another notch to their theological belt. However, when these articles begin to substantiate the claim that Christians should have nothing to do with the holiday of Christmas, the weightiest arguments they bring forth are two fold: They, 1) appeal to the pagan roots of idolatry, and 2) the history and witness of the Christian Church. This is a mistake. Read more here…

Links About the Christmas Holiday in Contrast to the Lord’s Day

Christmas and the Regulative Principle by C. Matthew McMahon

Historical Revisionism by G.I. Williamson

5 Lectures on Worship by G.I. Williamson

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