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Christians Rebuked by Syrian Student of Islamic Shari’a Law

Q. How do Muslims view the moral quality of Americans?

A. With utter contempt and disgust.

For a glimpse of how Muslims view the moral character of "Christian" countries like America, read this closing appeal to the Nigerian government to fully accept the Islamic legal system of "Sharia law." (The poor English is in the original - my corrections are in [brackets] - underlines added for emphasis)

If they [Christians] do not want to live according to the Shari’a [God's] law [in] their Bible, then they should stop pointing accusing fingers against the Muslims for accepting to be judged by the Shari’a law in the Qur’an and Hadith respectively. Also there is no way the government can fight against crimes (successfully) without applying God's law or Shari’a.

May I also use this opportunity to advice the followers of Jesus Christ (Christians) to go back [and] restudy their Bible [for] they do not even understand it. Singing in Jesus name is not enough. [You] must follow him.

I call on the Muslim and Christians to come back to their senses and be awake by accepting Islamic Shari’a. It is the only future path of Nigeria, bribery and corruption, assassination, adultery, fornication, cheating, occultism, alcoholism, homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, pornography, blasphemies, arm robbery, stealing, false accusation and other economic, social, political and religious problems have all been provided with solution by the one who knows the present, past and future (Allah). Under the provisions of Islamic Shari’a, therefore a better Nigeria of today and tomorrow, let us accept this call of Shari'a and be free from this problems.

Thanks and God Bless, May Allah (S.W.T) help the course of Islamic law in Bauchi State, Nigeria as a whole and the World at large. Your Brother in Islam

A Student of Islamic Shari’a in Syria

from: ABUJA MIRROR: March 15-21, 2000, Sharia will Guarantee a Better Nigeria

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