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Democracy is Not Enough

It appears that the Soviet Union is currently occupied with falling down the stairs. More reactionary military crackdowns are likely, but those crackdowns, when they occur, will not change the final result -- it will merely make the fall down the stairs more painful. Militant socialistic statism has had it.

But this doesn't imply that we may let down our guard against the socialist nightmare. Some very great dangers remain, and they do so quite a bit closer to home. The on-going collapse of Soviet-style socialism has been played in the press as a triumph for democracy. But there is no significant contrast to be made between democracy and socialism, any more than there is such a contrast between monarchy and private property. These are different things, to be sure, but they are not necessarily incompatible. A socialistic government is quite capable of getting and maintaining the support of 51 percent.

The real battle is between liberty and slavery, between the City of God and the city of man, between the rule of law and the law of rule; that is to say, it's between Christianity and humanism. Just because the humanist slavemasters can get a majority of the freely-cast democratic votes (i.e. most of the people agree to be slaves), it does not change the fact of slavery. When the people of Israel were grumbling in the wilderness a free democratic election, with impartial international observers would have sent them all marching back to their taskmasters in Egypt.

In our Western democracies, the collapse of Eastern socialism has brought about no re-thinking of the oppressive statism we have here. Consequently, some of our ancient liberties still need to be recovered, and those which remain are still in grave danger.

Where will be the principal battleground? I think it is safe to say that the battle in the nineties will be over the control of education. Will young children of professing Christians be trained and educated by the government, or will that education be returned to the hands of parents?

Our statist schools are failing to educate; this does not mean that their power base has been seriously threatened. It has not been. This means government-certified teachers, government-approved curriculum, and government-issued truth continue as our nation's central mechanism of education. Consequently, Christian parents who send their children to such schools are allowing their children to be catechized in the tenets of a rival faith. As more and more Christians pull out of our socialized system of education, we will see the conflict between the two faiths intensify.

The coming collision between faithful parents on the one hand, and the intrusive state on the other, will demonstrate quite clearly that statism in the United States is not dead. Quite the contrary.

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