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The Limits of National Prayer

This past February, President Bush called for a national day of prayer. So far, so good. But then he went on to talk about the god to whom he was praying. He mentioned those Americans who have given their lives in the conflict and told us that they were all safe with the Benign Benevolence in the Sky. There was no indication on his part that repentance and regeneration had anything to do with salvation. Americans are queer ducks; we think the Muslims are strange because they think that any Muslims who die in battle are saved; whereas we think that any Americans who die are saved. In short, President Bush was not asking us to pray to the God of the Bible.

All Christians should love their country, and they should gladly pray for her -- and not just when the president asks us to. But the reason we pray at all is that we love the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and He has told us to keep ourselves from idols.


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