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Second Opinions

Dear Editor,

Just a short note to let you know what a great job you and your staff of editors are doing with Antithesis. The articles are scholarly; they are biblically based; they are solidly Reformed. Thank you for your labors in Christ's Kingdom. May God continue to bless your work.

Dr. W. Gary Crampton
Forest, Mississippi

Dear Editor,

I'm confident that God will use these clear editions of Antithesis in the application of His unchanging truth in the midst of change. My prayers are with you.

Jeff Kingswood
New Brunswick, Canada

Dear Editor,

Greetings from Switzer-land....I heard that an upcoming issue is going to focus on "evaluating conversions to Catholicism." Recently I have been doing a deep study of Roman Catholicism and have been quite surprised by the conversions of several Protestant pastors in America and one in France.

Keith Andrew

Dear Editor,

Your July/August 1990 issue indicated that we can look forward in the upcoming issues to read about Protestant conversions to Romanism. I really haven't heard of any in my area, but in your article entitled, "Victimized by Protestantism" [Novelty, Nonsense, and Non-Sequiturs], an example of just such a thing is cited, and that by a Baptist!

I guess Luther was right in saying that the Anabaptists and Romanists are really the same; two foxes tied together at the tails (see the preface to his commentary on Galatians). I know from reading Calvin and the Reformation, that during the Roman persecutions, there were many that remonstrated Protestantism, but I just do not see that today.

What seems more to be the case today, in my area anyhow, are converts from Protestantism to Eastern Orthodoxy. As a suggestion to your writing staff, therefore, I would recommend an article discussing this phenomenon.

Mike Burlingame
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

7-18-96 tew
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