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The Growing Move Toward "Life Chains"

As more Pro-life advocates recoil from the unbiblical Ghandianisms of "Operation Rescue," a fresh form of protest is making headway.

A "Life Chain" protest is an extended line of hopefully tens of thousands of committed Pro-Lifers who stand arms length apart along a designated route for a set period of time. They each hold a placard with the same message: "Abortion Kills Children."

Such peaceful protests have already received tremendous support. Citizen (June 18, 1990) reports that "28,000 came out March 18 for the second San Diego Life Chain, which stretched 15 miles. 20,000 people had turned out one month earlier for the first one." Other California Life Chains received similar outpourings of support: Orange County (17,000), Riverside (6,000), Bakersfield (7,500), Fresno (10,000), and Los Angeles (10,000).

Organizers report that, following a Life Chain demonstration, participants regularly show enthusiastic support for further action. Rebecca Hagelin, communications director of Concerned Women for America claims that, "This project has potential for nationwide attention. It's peaceful, it's creative, and it emphasizes prayer" (Cited Ibid.). The brilliance and potential power of such a protest deserves praise. We should expect to see a re-energizing of the entire Pro-Life community through such efforts.

Life Chains require relatively little preparation and money, but they do require a dedicated organizing committee. For information on organizing a Life Chain, write to:

Royce Dunn c/o
Please Let Me Live
3209 Colusa Highway
Yuba City, CA 95993
(916) 671-5500


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