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Novelties, Nonsense, and Non Sequiturs

The Real Dangers of Environmentalism

The following advice was found on a University flyer which attempted to provide tips for "Saving the Earth."

"Recycle cans, paper, and bottles. The energy saved from recycling one aluminum can will power a television set for three hours."

Evidence that Some People were not Smacked Enough

Robert McCall, Ph.D. writes in a recent issue of Baby Care magazine:
"Surveys reveal that the majority of parents spank their children. But I personally believe that spanking is not a good habit to start. For one thing, I don't like to see children of any age hit, especially by adults. It seems distasteful and an abusive use of power.

Spanking also hurts the relationship you're trying to build with your child. I wouldn't like or respect people who hit me.

Finally, spanking shows a child that when people do things you don't like, you hit them. It is not a lesson I want to teach my children."

Now we can sleep well at night.

Somebody Learn Them Atheists Some Reasn'n

Atheist therapist Wendell Watters of McMaster University, Hamilton has no need to avoid such trivial technicalities as begging-the-question. In Free Inquiry (Winter 1989), he writes:
"Christianity is literally the house that guilt built...Christians always have been encouraged to believe that if they feel despair or anxiety, it means that their faith is weak, thus adding to the burden of guilt they are already carrying around like Atlas shouldering the world. They are encouraged to deny their essential humanity even more than they already were doing, and to grovel ever more abjectly at the foot of the cross" (emphasis added).
Let's get this straight. "Essential humanity" above is used in an atheistic sense. So, Christianity is false because Atheism is true. It's so easy; how did we miss it before?

Ignoring the Silent Ones

More sinister insights on RU-486, the French baby-killing pill. Joan Babbitt of Planned Parenthood reported in the University of Southern California daily that:

"Anytime you can substitute a pill or medication for surgical technique, you're saving lives."

More Newspeak: What's Yours is Mine

The Orange Country Register reports (Feb. 28, 1990) that the longtime residents of Fountain Valley Mobile Estates in California recently received settlement checks from the mobile-home park's owner after a four year legal battle over rent increases.

The owner had to pay over two million dollars to compensate the tenants for rent increases and emotional distress. The agreement says that the park owner may not raise the rents on his property by more than six percent annually.

"This is the first case where we've had a rent rebate and rent control," the tenants' lawyer said.

"We didn't get everything we wanted, but we're satisfied," said Dale Evans, 61, chairman of the park residents' legal committee.

The newspeak? Evans goes onto say, "One thing I'll say about the people in the park is that even at their age, they hung in there and defended their property rights" (emphasis added).

Will the Real Democrat Please Stand?

Which of the following is a true claim?
1. Czechoslovakian President, Vaclav Havel recently claimed: "I salute the Czechoslovakian Communist Party for its sterling contribution to the struggle for democracy."

2. Polish leader, Lech Walesa recently claimed: "I salute the Polish Communist Party for its sterling contribution to the struggle for democracy."

3. ANC leader, Nelson Mandela recently claimed: "I salute the South African Communist Party for its sterling contribution to the struggle for democracy."

[Answer: 3. Nelson Mandela]

Buying Off the Future

The opening section of a government educational packet mailed to thousands of high schools nationwide, states the objectives of the multi-lesson program as:

"Students will be able to explain how income taxes provide revenue for goods and services that benefit the general public, including students."

Parking Fine Cartels

Harpers Magazine Index (Feb. 1990) notes the following:
  • Estimated total amount convicted drug traffickers in the United States owe in criminal fines: $108,000,000
  • Total amount New York City drivers owe in parking fines: $461,000,000

    And one more: Number of times Tammy Faye Bakker mentions crying in her two books I Gotta Be Me and Run to the Roar : 60

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