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This is the first issue of Antithesis, a review of Reformed/Presbyterian thought and practice. Our goal is to glorify Christ by providing a vigorous and Biblically faithful analysis of the issues of life.

Thousands of complimentary copies of this first issue have been sent to many Reformed churches in the U.S. and Canada, as well as to many colleges, media centers, and friends here and around the world.

We aim to challenge non-Christians in their unbelief and to strengthen Christ's church in its understanding and practice of God's word.

We, therefore, are unashamedly committed the to truth of God's revelation and its resounding challenge to the futility of unbelief.

We are also unashamedly committed to what is arguably the most faithful expression of Biblical truth -- the Reformed faith, as found in its rich Continental, British, and American heritage.

Join us, then, in this issue and in the future, to examine the power and depth of Christ's gospel.

Copyright © by Covenant Community Church of Orange County 1990
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