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The editors of Antithesis wish to dedicate this first issue to the Rev. Steve Schlissel of Messiah's Congregation, C.R.C., Brooklyn, New York.

Rev. Schlissel is a faithful and ardent servant of the Lord Jesus Christ who desires to express a loyal and uncompromissed commitment to the savior in his personal, family, and church life.

Rev. Schlissel is aware of the massive battle taking place between the city of God and the city of Man, and he is known for his clear minded devotion to the word of God.

Steve Schlissel was the welcome catalyst for this publishing endeavor. We here heed his exhortation and offer this review as our contribution to the ongoing war. We thank God for such servants as Rev. Schlissel and pray that the Lord will raise up many more in his mold.

Copyright © by Covenant Community Church of Orange County 1990
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