The Anabaptists and their Stepchildren

by F.N. Lee


  1. FOREWORD (by Reverend Richard Bacon)
  2. Introduction (by Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee)
  3. Who were the Anabaptists and who are their stepchildren?
  4. Anabaptist views in general altogether foreign to Holy Scripture
  5. Anabaptist views contrary also to the history of the Early Church
  6. After 250 A.D.: submersionism and other baptismal heresies
  7. The non-baptizing Paulicians and the infant-damning Petrobrusians
  8. The Waldensians maintained the infant baptism of tiny Christians
  9. The impact on baptism of Thomistic Roman Catholicism
  10. Wycliffe and Huss and their followers on infant baptism
  11. The influence of Wycliffe through Huss upon Luther
  12. The rebaptismal error of the Bohemian 'Minor United Brethren'
  13. The United Bohemian Brethren recanted the error of rebaptism
  14. The Bohemian Confession(s) on rebaptism from 1504 onward
  15. God maintained His baptism despite the Church's mediaeval meanderings
  16. Luther on infants' faith and reason before their infant baptism
  17. Luther on covenant infants' faith at or even before their baptism
  18. The roots and the rise of the Anabaptist heretics
  19. The Anabaptist attack against the Protestant Reformation
  20. Anabaptism's Muenzer or Muentzer: the monster of Muhlhausen
  21. Huebmaier the Anabaptist and the road to revolution
  22. The Anabaptists and the 1525 Peasant War in Germany
  23. Muenzerite Anabaptists still continued to help spread the sedition
  24. Luther on the antinomian and antipaidobaptistic Muenzerites
  25. Luther's antirebaptismal work Concerning Rebaptism
  26. The condemnation of Anabaptism in the Lutheran Symbols
  27. Switzerland disturbed by the Anabaptist heresies
  28. Zwingli's first condemnation of the Anabaptists' views on baptism
  29. The formal birth and constitution of Switzerland's Anabaptists
  30. The Anabaptists, rebaptizing defiantly, expelled from Switzerland
  31. Zwingli's various writings against the errors of the Anabaptists
  32. Zwingli's antirebaptismal Questions Concerning Rebaptism
  33. Zwingli's antirebaptismal Declaration of Christian Faith
  34. Early Anabaptists outside of Switzerland and Germany
  35. Pseudo-Clement, Pseudo-Isidore, and Anabaptist communism
  36. Anabaptist polygamy and community of wives: its roots
  37. The Dutch Anabaptist Leaders Obbe and Dirck Philips
  38. The awful actions of Anabaptism in its 'millenium' at Muenster
  39. Polygamy since Muenster: the awful aftermath of Anabaptism
  40. Obbe Philips recants in his Recollections of the Years 1533-1536
  41. Obbe Philips on the Hofmannite Anabaptist Jan Matthys
  42. Obbe on the interaction between the Dutch and the Muenster Anabaptists
  43. The not-so-peaceful Anabaptist Menno Simons
  44. The Antitrinitarian Anabaptist Servetus (or Miguel Serveto)
  45. The influence of Servetus among Anabaptists internationally
  46. Candid assessment of the Anabaptists' faith and practice
  47. Nature of the baptistic views of the Anabaptists
  48. Butzer, Oecolampadius and the 1532 First Basle Confession on baptism
  49. The 1536 Second Basle or First Helvetic Confession on baptism
  50. The development of the paidobaptist Calvin's anti-Anabaptist views
  51. The mature Calvin's commitment to infant faith before baptism
  52. Unitarian Anabaptist Servetus versus Trinitarian Reformer Calvin
  53. Calvin's wife and babies and his many contacts with Anabaptists
  54. Calvin's opposition to the Anabaptists' soul-sleep theory
  55. Anabaptist soul-sleep refuted in Calvin's Psychopannychia
  56. Calvin's anti-revolutionary 1544 Treatise Against the Anabaptists
  57. The Anabaptist doctrine of 'flesh' refuted by Calvin
  58. Calvin refutes the Anabaptist denial of postmortal consciousness
  59. Pseudo-glossolaly of the Anabaptists refuted by Calvin
  60. Calvin refutes the denial of the soul's immortality
  61. Anabaptism's sexual immorality refuted by Calvin
  62. Calvin refutes Anabaptism's community of goods
  63. Anabaptism's superspiritualistic ecstasy refuted by Calvin
  64. Baptistic misallegations that Calvin favoured submersionism
  65. Calvin refuted the Anabaptists from Matthew 19:14
  66. The Great Commission implies faith within covenant infants
  67. Calvin's 1542 Form[ula] of Administering Baptism
  68. "Be baptized [Acts 2:38f]: for the promise is to you and to your children!"
  69. Rev. Prof. Dr. John Calvin's baptismal comments on Acts 2:38f
  70. Were also the infants of believing Samaritan adults baptized?
  71. Cornelius and his family trusted God long before their baptism
  72. The actions of Paul in Antioch and Philippi condemn the Anabaptists
  73. Calvin insists Acts 19:1-6 does not teach rebaptism
  74. Calvin refutes the Anabaptist views against paidobaptism
  75. Calvin on why the babies of believers should be baptized
  76. Calvin said Anabaptists and Romanists were not too dissimilar on baptism
  77. Calvin's strongly anti-Anabaptist paidobaptism
  78. Calvin refutes Gnesio-Lutheran slander that he was an "Anabaptist"
  79. Calvin's final words of opposition to the Anabaptists
  80. The Early British Anabaptists from 1534 onward
  81. The anti-Anabaptist Edwardine Articles of 1553
  82. The anti-Anabaptist Thirty-nine Articles of 1563f
  83. Continuation of the anti-Anabaptist Thirty-nine Articles
  84. John Knox's writings against the Anabaptists
  85. The English Anabaptists called the 'Family of Love'
  86. The Belgica condemns the various views of the Anabaptists
  87. Guido De Bres's 1570 book against the Anabaptists
  88. Bullinger's anti-Anabaptist Second Swiss Confession
  89. Monolithic opposition of all the Reformers to Anabaptism
  90. Mutual influence of Continental and British anti-Anabaptists
  91. The anti-Anabaptist and anti-Romish 1615 Irish Articles
  92. The anti-Anabaptist 'T-U-L-I-P' Decrees of the Synod of Dordt
  93. The influence of the 1618f Synod of Dordt upon Britain
  94. Anti-Anabaptist background of Britain's Westminster Assembly
  95. Baptist Professors on the origin and development of the (Ana)Baptists
  96. Many modern Baptists say their pioneers derive from the Anabaptists
  97. The arrival and expansion of (Ana)Baptists in North America
  98. British (Ana)Baptist Confessions of the seventeenth century
  99. The reply to the (Ana)Baptists of the Calvinistic Westminster Assembly
  100. How to "crucify the Son of God afresh": the sin of rebaptism
  101. The great sin of leaving one's own babies unbaptized
  102. Godly methods for overcoming Anabaptist influences
  103. The inevitable conversion of the Anabaptists' stepchildren
  104. (Ana)Baptists of all countries -- repent!

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