Copyright Policy

CRTA's Copyright Policy

The CRTA logo, the domain name, and unique designs are copyrighted. No one may download our copyrighted materials for use without permission.

To the best of our knowledge, all documents located at CRTA are in the public domain (unless otherwise noted) It is our belief that these TEXTs are not copyrighted. Even the texts that we scanned, proofread and formatted at our own expense are still considered to be public domain. You are free to copy and post on your website all such materials. We request (but do not demand) that you ask permission and give proper credit to works copied from our site. We ask also that you remove custom formatting and our editorial notes and additions before re-posting on your site.

Anyone may place a link to any page on the CRTA site. Let us know when you make use of our documents. We are very interested to hear what use is being made of them.

Thank you

Ed Walsh

Additional copyright information is available at Stanford University's Copyright & Fair Use site.

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