Miscellaneous & Unclassified

Christ and Culture
By: Klaas Schilder, 1890-1952. Translation of Christus en Cultuur

Moral Code of the Jesuits -- PROBABILISM, Etc.
By: Rev. J. A. Wyli, LL.D.,
Author of "The Papacy," "Daybreak in Spain," etc.

A Link to Audio Sermons by Rev. G. I. Williamson

Revival - A seven day devotional.
By: Reid Ferguson

On a Monument at Moniaive - In memory of the late Reverend James Renwick, the last who suffered to death for attachment to the Covenanted Cause of Christ in Scotland — born near this spot, 15th February 1662, and executed at the Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 17th February 1688.

Muller on Theology
By: John Frame
Here, John Frame reviews Richard Muller's book _The Study of Theology_. This review is of interest to those who study theological prolegomena.

Some Questions About the Regulative Principle
By: John Frame
Here, Frame examines the traditional Reformed doctrine of the "regulative principle of worship" and asks some tough questions.

The Attractions Of Popery
By: R.L. Dabney
This piece is somewhat dated and does not accurately represent CRTA's position with regard to Roman Catholicism. Some balance can be found in consulting the excellent essay below by Charles Hodge.

Is the Church of Rome a True Church?
By: Charles Hodge
This is an interesting article from the late great Charles Hodge. The answer to the question posed in the title may surprise you!

Historical Revisionism
By: G. I. Williamson
Why is it that the Puritans are said to have "over-reacted" against Romish errors?

Pictures of Christ
By: John Murray
This article, by the Westminster exegete, John Murray, asks the question of the propriety and morality of the creation of pictures of Jesus. Murray answers in the negative.

By: Scott Linn
This is a short essay written by Scott about his mother's experience with Alzheimer's disease that testifies to the doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints.

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