Messiah the Prince


The Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ

by: William Symington

The Christian Statesman Press

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Since its inception the National Reform Association (NRA) has contended for the recognition of the crown rights of Jesus Christ over the nations on the basis of His mediatorial reign. There were two conferences, one in Xenia, Ohio, and one in Sparta, Illinois, which led up to the founding of the National Reform Association in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, in 1864. At the conference in Ohio, it was stated that "the neglect of God and His law, by omitting all acknowledgment of them in our Constitution" was "the crowning original sin of the nation." Therefore, it was proposed that the U.S. Constitution be amended to recognize "the being and attributes of Almighty God, the Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures, the law of God as the paramount rule, and Jesus, the Messiah, the Saviour and Lord of all." In Illinois, the convention adopted a plan to "bring this nation to an acknowledgment of the authority of Christ and His law." The object of the NRA was defined as bringing the nation to recognize "the authority of Jesus Christ as the Governor of the Nation;" because as David McAllister, founding editor of The Christian Statesman, wrote: "Jesus Christ, as Mediator, has all power and universal dominion committed to him, which must include authority over nations." In pursuit of this object, the National Reform Association published in 1884 William Symington's classic work on the mediatorial reign of Jesus Christ—Messiah the Prince.

The doctrine of the mediatorial reign of Jesus Christ declares that at His ascension Jesus Christ was exalted to sit at the right hand of God the Father, and was invested with supreme authority over all things in heaven and on earth (Ps. 2:6-12; 110:1-2; Dan. 7:13-14; Isa. 9:6-7; Acts 2:33-36; Matt. 28:18; Eph. 1:20-22; Phil. 2:9-11). Christ is not only the Head of the church, but Lord of all; His authority extends over all men, nations, and spheres of life, including the sphere of civil government. Hence, Jesus Christ is the Prince of the kings of the earth (Rev. 1:5) and King of kings, and Lord of lords (Rev. 17:14; 19:16). The doctrine of the mediatorial reign indicates that, in regard to the civil government of the nations, political sovereignty belongs to Jesus Christ. It is this great truth that has inspired and sustained the NRA for the past 135 years.

It is in pursuit of the original vision of the NRA to proclaim, on the basis of His mediatorial reign, "the authority of Jesus Christ as the Governor of the Nation" that the NRA once again sends forth to the church and the public, Messiah the Prince. No one has ever articulated the doctrine of the mediatorial reign of Jesus Christ with as much clarity, vigor, and spiritual power as William Symington; and his message is needed today more than ever. In reading this book the mind is enlightened, and the spirit is stirred. Symington's work inspires zeal for Jesus Christ in all His mediatorial power and glory. A true Christian cannot read it without being moved to worship anew the King of kings, and to earnestly contend for His crown rights in all spheres of life.

In this reprint of Messiah the Prince the type has been completely reset to provide a clear, modern edition. The text has not been altered and reproduces the exact wording, footnotes, and editorial comments of the 1884 edition. The only changes introduced in this 1999 edition are those of modernizing the spelling of select words, some minor changes in the punctuation, the addition of a few Scripture references, and the breaking up of long paragraphs into shorter ones. The editorial comments of previous editions have been retained in the footnotes, and no new ones have been added to this edition.

Special thanks is extended to Christ's Covenant Church in Front Royal, Virginia, and to Immanuel Free Reformed Church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, for their support of this project. Without it, this new edition would not have been possible.

William O. Einwechter Vice President, National Reform Association Editor, The Christian Statesman Press
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania April 2, 1999

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