The following resources pertain to eschatology -- the study of the end times. There are three basic eschatological views which are held by those calling themselves "Reformed." These are: postmillennialism, amillennialism, and historic premillennialism. Absent from the list is dispensational premillennialism because it is a view which (a) is incompatible with the doctrines of grace (b) compromises God's aseity, and (c) compromises God's sovereignty. Below are included some critques of different aspects of dispensationalist teaching.

Critiques of Full Preterism

The Allurement of Hymenaen Preterism: The Rise of "Dispensable Eschatology"
By: Jim West

A Brief Theological Analysis of Hyper-Preterism
By: Ken Gentry



A Defense of (Reformed) Amillennialism (Offsite)
By: Prof. David J. Engelsma


Are There Few That Be Saved? (pdf)
By: Benjamin B. Warfield, d. d., ll. d., litt. d.
Professor in Princeton Theological Seminary

Postmillennialism (Offsite)
By: Loraine Boettner (Offsite)
Mission: was founded by Gary DeMar and Brandon Vallorani in August, 2011 to give Christians a biblical vision of how the gospel will change the world.

Biblical Eschatology
By: G.I. Williamson
Note: This work would usually be classified as A-millennialism. But since the ‘A’ means ‘NO’-millennium, the Author has requested that his work be classed as ‘Post’-Millennialism because he definitely believes there is a Millennium. _EW

Notes on the Revelation
From the Original 1599 Geneva Bible Notes
Note: These notes have been updated for modern spelling.

Notes on The Apocalypse (1870)
By: David Steele
This is a popular work by an American Postmillennialist of the 1870s.

Historicism Research Foundation
Is run by Parnell McCarter, and which is advised by Dr. Francis Nigel Lee of Queensland Presbyterian Theological College.

The Non-Preterist Historicalism of John Calvin and The Westminster Standards
by Francis Nigel Lee

Complete Commentary on The Revelation
By: Matthew Henry

The Work of Redemption, Period III
By: Jonathan Edwards
A most remarkable glimce into the mind of President Edwards. He boldly proclaims the glorious future of Christ's Kingdon on earth BEFORE the return of Christ.

Encouragements from the Promises and Prophecies of Scripture.
By: Rev. John G. Lorimer
Another article urging optimism in eschatology.

A Humble Attempt
By Jonathan Edwards
" promote the agreement and union of god's people throughout the world in extraordinary prayer for a revival of religion and the advancement of god's kingdom on earth, according to scriptural promises and prophecies of the last time."

The Kingdom of Heaven
By Charles Hodge
In the account given of the final judgment in Matthew 25:31-46, we are told that the King shall “say to those on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

Historic Premillennialism
HisTomorrow ( is dedicated to equipping the saints with solid Biblical exegesis of Bible prophecy. Our position is the same as that of Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Spurgeon, and many of Christianity's greatest theologians: Pre-millennial historicism--the classic form of "historic-premillennialism". This site is the best resource that we know of for information about, and books by, Dr. H. Grattan Guinness. We feature over 120 web-pages of articles, essays, and books promoting the historicist interpretation of end-times prophecy. (link not working - see above)
H. Grattan Guinness, England's great Historicist teacher of Bible prophecy, wrote words of analysis and rebuke to those who dare to teach what they do not know. A wide distinction exists and should be recognized between students and expositors of the Word and works of God who humbly, soberly and reverently search into the facts of nature and Scripture, of providence and prophecy, reach conclusions which sanctified common sense can approve, and speculators, who running away with isolated and mysterious expressions, indulge in imaginations of their own and become prophets, instead of students of divine prophecy.
       H. Grattan Guinness, The Approaching End of the Age

Critiques of Dispensational Pre-Millennialism

The Case Against (Dispensational) Premillennialism
By: Jack Van Deventer

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The Premillennial Deception - Chiliasm Examined in the Light of Scripture
By: Brian Schwertley

Israel and the Church (Offsite)
By: Jack Van Deventer
This article critiques the popular dispensational notion that there are actually two peoples of God, Israel and the Church.

The Dispensational Origins of Modern Premillennialism (Offsite)
By: Jack Van Deventer
"The Twentieth Century has seen a dramatic paradigm shift in prophetic perspectives, first away from and now back toward its historic roots. This shift away from historic Christianity stemmed from a novel approach to Bible interpretation called Dispensationalism which was developed in the 1830s and popularized with the 1909 publication of the Scofield Reference Bible."

The Not So Secret Rapture, revised
By: W. Fred Rice, Th.M., Systematic Theology, Westminster Seminary
In these days of concern regarding Y2K, the Left Behind series of books is popularizing the idea of a secret rapture of the church. But is this a teaching that is supported by the Word of God?

The Myth of "Consistent Literalism" (Offsite)
By: Jack Van Deventer
Argues against the dispensationalist hermeneutic -- "Rather than allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture, the Word of God is sifted through a literalistic filter on the theological presupposition that God shuns figurative prophetic language."

Millennial Migration (Offsite)
By: Jack Van Deventer
Chronicles Van Deventer's personal migration from premillennialism to postmillennialism.

Bad Prophecy Rising (Offsite)
By: Jack Van Deventer
Discusses the failed attempts of many dispensationalist authors to predict the end of the world.

Unclassified Resources

Eternal Punishment
by A. W. Pink

Messiah the Prince (partial) -- or,
The Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ
by: William Symington

Does Eschatology Matter? (Offsite)
By: Jack Van Deventer
Discusses the importance of actually forming an opinion on the issue of eschatology. Inveighs against eschatological agnosticism.

Analysis of The Revelation
By: James Orr - Excerpted from: International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Vol. 9
As published on CD-ROM by Ages Software

Of the Antichrist (Offsite)
A Brief Statement of the Doctrinal Position of the of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

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