Matthew Henry Complete

Commentary on The Revelation

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Chapter 9

In this chapter we have an account of the sounding of the fifth and sixth trumpets, the appearances that attended them, and the events that were to follow; the fifth trumpet (v. 1-12), the sixth (v. 13, etc.).

Verses 1-12 Upon the sounding of this trumpet, the things to be observed are,

Verses 13-21 Here let us consider the preface to this vision, and then the vision itself.

I. The preface to this vision: A voice was heard from the horns of the golden altar, v. 13, 14. Here observe,

II. The vision itself: And the four angels that had been bound in the great river Euphrates were now loosed, v. 15, 16. And here observe,

III. From this sixth trumpet we learn,

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