Matthew Henry Complete

Commentary on The Revelation

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Chapter 3

Here we have three more of the epistles of Christ to the churches:

  1. I. To Sardis (v. 1-6).
  2. To Philadelphia (v. 7?13).
  3. To Laodicea (v. 14 to the end).

Verses 1-6 Here is,

I. The preface, showing,

II. The body of this epistle. There is this observable in it, that whereas in the other epistles Christ begins with commending what is good in the churches, and then proceeds to tell them what is amiss, in this (and in the epistle to Laodicea) he begins,

III. We now come to the conclusion of this epistle, in which, as before, we have,

Verses 7-13 We have now come to the sixth letter, sent to one of the Asian churches, where observe,

I. The inscription, showing,

II. The subject-matter of this epistle, where,

III. The conclusion of this epistle, v. 12, 13. Here,

Verses 14-22 We now come to the last and worst of all the seven Asian churches, the reverse of the church of Philadelphia; for, as there was nothing reproved in that, here is nothing commended in this, and yet this was one of the seven golden candlesticks, for a corrupt church may still be a church. Here we have, as before,

I. The inscription, to whom, and from whom.

II. The subject-matter, in which observe,

III. We now come to the conclusion of this epistle; and here we have as before,

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