Assembly at Edinburgh, Aug. 19, 1643. Sees. 14.

Commission of the General Assembly to some Ministers and Ruling Elders,
for repairing to the Kingdom of England.

THE General Assembly of the Church of Scotland finding it necessary to send some godly and learned of this Kirk to the kingdom of England, to the effect under written; therefore gives full power and commission to Mr Alexander Henderson, Mr Robert Douglas, Mr Samuel Rutherford, Mr Robert Baillie, and Mr George Gillespie, Ministers, John Earl of Cassilis, John Lord Maitland, and Sir Archibald Johnstoun of Warristoun, Elders, or any three of them, whereof two shall be Ministers, to repair to the kingdom of England, and there to deliver the declaration sent unto the Parliament of England, and the letter sent unto the Assembly of Divines now sitting in that kingdom; and to propone, consult, treat, and conclude with that Assembly, or any Commissioners deputed by them, or any Committees or Commissioners deputed by the Rouses of Parliament, in all matters which may further the union of this Inland in one Form of Kirk-government, one Confession of Faith, one Catechism, one Directory for the worship of God, according to the instructions which they have received from the Assembly, or shall receive from time to time hereafter from the Commissioners of the Assembly deputed for that effect: with power also to them to convey to His Majesty the humble answer sent from this Assembly to His Majesty's letter, by such occasion as they shall think convenient; and sicklike, to deliver the Assembly's answer to the letter sent from some well-affected brethren of the ministry there; and generally authorises them to do all things which may further the so much desired union, and nearest conjunction of the two Churches of Scotland and England, conform to their instructions aforesaid.

Many of the persons who were called by the foresaid Ordinance of the Lords and Commons (in that broken state of the Church) to attend the Assembly appeared not; whereupon the whole work lay on the hands of the persons hereafter mentioned.

The Promise and Vow taken by every Member admitted to sit in the Assembly.

I A. B. do seriously promise and vow, in the presence of Almighty GOD, That in this Assembly, whereof I am a member, I will maintain nothing in point of doctrine, but what I believe to be most agreeable to the word of GOD; nor in point of discipline, but what may make most for GOD'S glory, and the peace and good of this church.

A List of the Divines who met in the Assembly at Westminster.

[The ordinance of the Parliament calling the Assembly of Divines to meet at Westminster, on the 1st day of July 1643, was issued, as has been stated, on the 12th of June, in the same year. On the 22d of June, his majesty, by a proclamation, forbade their meeting for the purposes mentioned in the parliamentary ordinance; declared that no acts done by them ought to be received by his subjects; and threatened, that if they should meet, he would proceed against them with the utmost severity of the law. This was so far unpropitious, even to his own cause, as it tended to prevent the greater part of the Episcopalian divines who had been summoned, from attending. The Scottish Convention of Estates met in June, but came to no definite resolution; and public matters were postponed till it should be more clearly known what terms would be proposed by the King and the Parliament, the Covenanters being unwilling directly to interpose, if that could be avoided.

The following is the list of names contained in the ordinance by which the Assembly was called; amounting to one hundred and fifty-one in all, namely, ten Lords and twenty Commoners, as lay assessors, and one hundred and twenty-one Divines: —]

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