The theory that there will be no thousand-year period of great spiritual blessing before the Lord Jesus returns, and no thousand-year reign of Christ on earth after His return. Thus in Revelation 20 the multiple references to the thousand years are spiritualized to convey the idea of completeness or perfection: ‚ "expresses no period of time‚" (W. W. Milligan). Amillennialists view the thousand years of Rev. 20 as a spiritual description of the entire period between Christ's ascension and the end of the age. For example, John Wilmot has a chapter in his Inspired Principles of Prophetic Interpretation entitled, "The Millennial Administration of the Ascended Christ,"—his description of this inter-adventual period. With this view, amillennialists tend to idealize not only the events detailed in the book of Revelation but most other end-time prophecies, so that their prophetic content lies more in their elucidation of spiritual principles than in any reference to time. However, some amillennialists modify this position to allow a literal fulfilment of some prophetic events before the second coming of Christ.

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