Q: What was Cornelius Van Til's Position on the Age of the Earth?

I deduce CVT's position from the following remark about the age of the earth, but perhaps he believed in 6 day creation with longer than traditional time between Adam and Abraham.

Commenting on Byron C. Nelson's book "Before Abraham" in which Nelson writes about the new skeletons found in European caves:

"Augsburg Publishing House ... will not reprint it. ... This book was rejected by one publisher because the author held that humanity has been in existence for something like 20,000 years (now Nelson is an anti- evolutionist, at the same time he does not accept Ussher's chronology) and he was therefore rejected as unsound by someone who thinks that in opposing evolution we must also maintain that humanity not more than 6 or 7 thousand years old (or 10,000 at the outset) . Now, I think this is a debatable point but that if we're going to fight evolution we will have to hit it where we can hit it hard and not hit it where the issue itself is debatable like this. I'm not sure how long ago man existed on this earth and I'm not sure this makes that much difference."

Source: Cornelius Van Til, Christian Critique of Evolution, Audio Recording. The Works of Cornelius Van Til, [CDROM]. In the last 10-15% of the recording. Transcribed by Jonathan Barlow.

CVT goes on to talk about his own efforts to get the book republished to no avail.

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