The United States in the 1990's is breaking down in all perceivable aspects -- morally, spiritually, economically, and politically. Given that the end of the world does not happen within 20 years (which is possible), there are three basic scenarios for the future of the United States.

1. Repentance and Revival on a Massive National Scale. This would include a renewed interest in Biblical doctrine and a conformance to God's demands on our lives, churches, families, and communities. This repentance must first begin in the churches and seminaries. At present we are fully aware that the major "Christian" denominations in the United States have become bastions of humanism, socialism, corruption, and sin. They support New World Orders, tyranny in other countries, homosexuality, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, evolution, higher criticism of the Bible, socialist schooling, fornication among young people, et cetera ad nauseum. Unless and until repentance and revival is seen arising from the church, we cannot expect the blessings of God anywhere else.

2. Tyranny in the United States. Taking the current situation and extrapolating the trends into the future, barring any Christian action and national repentance, we may realistically expect total government tyranny in America. Initially, the state would require disobedience to God's laws by outlawing home schooling, preaching against homosexuality or other state-authorized positions, and spanking children. In the near future, this tyranny would include massive, concentrated persecution of government dissidents, libertarians and Christian freemen. It would later extend to other Christian denominations, Jews, Moslems, or any other group not conforming to state ideology. This would expand into forced labor camps (to improve the economy of course!), large prison systems, and torture and execution for those who do not conform to the state's expectations.

Eventually, the state would persecute all its citizens without discrimination in a continued state of revolution and violence so that it could maintain a condition of fear while expecting constant fidelity from the masses.

In order for this iron-handed tyranny to fall on America, strong-armed leaders must rise up and take power unlike any of the buttercups now in power. Will Americans tolerate this kind of revolution? In the late 20th century, we have come to be known for one hollow virtue: tolerance. However, I don't know if we would tolerate Stalin. Tyranny is but one possibility.

3. Fragmentation of the United States. The most likely alternative for the future of the United States is a massive fragmentation precipitated by an economic breakdown. There is no longer a central ideal that holds this nation together. Those who oppose abortion cannot hold the bloody hands of those who mutilate the inconvenient babies while they are yet in their mothers' wombs. Those who oppose homosexuality cannot bear the sight of public acts of sodomy in the streets of San Francisco. Those who oppose socialism wince while they write 47.3% of their income off to governments that are bent on destruction. Those who oppose teaching children about homosexuality cannot bear the thought of sending their children to a tax-funded government school to learn about using dental dams to perform homosexual acts. What holds this nation together? What freedoms are left here for which any reasonable man would fight?

The people in the United States are losing their freedoms, the unifying purpose for which we came here from our ethnic origins. Thousands of churches and pastors are being sued for their property. They take our money at the point of confiscating our belongings. Property taxation has taken away our right to own property free and clear. The government now rents our property to us and if we do not pay, the government takes it away from us. This is among the highest forms of tyranny! This certainly can not be a free country. Tens of thousands of Americans have lost their properties to government confiscators without a charge, a trial, or a conviction. The government devalues our money to expand it's own wealth. The government controls all aspects of our businesses according to the economic principles of the Fascists of Italy and National Socialists of Germany. Certainly babies along with some elderly and invalid people have no right to life. What freedoms are left for which we may fight?

Meanwhile, the homosexuals want the rights to ream and then teach our children to imitate them. The abortionists want the right to kill babies. The government wants all rights of power and influence. So the evil gain rights to do evil while the rest are losing their God-given rights of life, liberty, and property.

The United States is a country of diversity: diverse by culture, by religious denominations, and by skin color. Every social order must cling together by some generally-accepted social truism, whether it be religious or merely cultural or ethnic. At one time, the United States was unified on one fundamental though cross-cultural principle: the American community was to be founded on a moral structure defined on Biblical terms. Joseph McAuliffe calls this a "Christian cultural denominator." There was a general, though often unspoken respect for the Bible and Christianity. Christian virtues were upheld as preferable. Private charity and polite consideration for others was the rule. It was Christianity and Christian moralisms that were the bare threads that maintained the Union through the Civil War, the World Wars, and the racial tensions of the centuries. However, it was Alexis de Toqueville who wrote our epithet in 1830: "When America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

Now our military is disarming. The morale of the men will disintegrate when they are forced to mingle with homosexuals. The Vietnam fiasco showed a definite lack of national unity not only on the homefront but at the battle-front as well. The racial wars in Los Angeles in 1992 after the first Rodney King beating trial pitted the blacks against the whites and the blacks against the Orientals in bloody, brutal conflict. What is left to unify this country that was built on diversity under God's laws?

America may very likely fragment into smaller countries defined by various socio-economic positions: anti-abortion, pro-abortion, homosexual, family-oriented, ethnic, cross-cultural (but Christian), socialist, or free market economies. As the United States economy degrades, some of the more affluent states may choose to break off because of the most influential cause--the wallet! An economic crash may be required to shake up the ethnic hate lying under the surface so well cultivated by the godless "multiculturalism" and ethnic awareness programs promoted in the schools and media today. The Rodney King strife in Los Angeles may be but a precursor to the bloody explosion of discontented class and ethnic wars of the future in America. "Religious pluralism" without Biblical constraints will always break down into ethnic and religious division. Undoubtedly, America has outperformed Bosnia with its vast ethnic and religious diversity. They came to America for freedom and toleration defined by the principles of Christianity. When they sent Christianity packing, they lost their freedom and all toleration for each other. Without the choice of a Biblical government, multi-cultural societies like those in France, Germany, Bosnia and the United States face either tyranny or fragmentation.

Whatever the case, no social order will ever receive the blessing of God unless the people have covenanted together to obey the laws of God. The libertarians will never create political and economic freedom apart from a government that bases its judicial laws on the law of God. It is only God's law that can effectively restrain the tyrant's pursuit for power while creating a social order in which communities can interact peaceably and profitably. God's law can resolve the one and the many. Freedom is impossible without a moral, self-governing people. Peaceful communities are impossible dreams without a moral, regenerate people. Certainly secular multicultural programs in our universities will not cut it. We need covenanting Christians who have committed their entire lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His revealed Words in Holy Scripture.

Do we have enough people today to renew the Mayflower Compact of 1620? Do we have enough people who would make a covenant based on the Word of God to form a community that will be blessed by God? Truly we need thousands of Americans to commit their lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We need thousands of Americans who will repent of complacency and lethargy, seek God with their whole hearts, seek His will revealed in Scripture by vigorous study, and endeavor to apply His laws to their lives, family, church, and community government.

The Puritans and Pilgrims were a people dedicated to the Lord. In the midst of terrible social decay, they raised their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. In spite of threatened persecution, they strove after doctrinal accuracy and personal obedience to the laws of God. They wrote the most excellent treatises on Biblical topics the world has ever seen. They were self-disciplined, educated, and godly, never afraid to address any subject from a Biblical perspective. They kept the Sabbath day holy, enjoyed discussing Scripture day and night, had family devotions twice a day, insisted on honesty and uprightness in business, and preached the Bible in the very face of kings and princes, risking imprisonment and death.

Do we have the commitment of the Puritans and Pilgrims in our churches today? Are we prepared for a second Mayflower?

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