I wrote this book for burned-out Christian freemen who have fought for righteousness and liberty for years, seeing little visible success. It will replace their short-term discouragement, exhaustion, and failures with a long-term burning vision that will never die.

With this book, I want to bring hope and purpose to freedom-loving people, suggesting that the world may not end tomorrow and, as does every generation, we desperately need a haven for freedom. The purpose of the book is to enliven the most "freedom-minded" people who are conscious of principled government and freedom constrained only by God's law. It is meant for a signal from the "church tower" to prepare ourselves and others to take the reins of power in a new country (or portion of a dismembered federal state) and create freedom on God's law. This is the only freedom that is possible in God's created order. I have found that the home schooled, the Biblically-literate Christians, and the conservative constitutionalists today are still relegating "freedom" to a dream, not truly believing that the miracle of America (founded by committed Christian believers during the period of 1620-1680) could possibly happen again. Whatever may be a Christian's view of the future, everyone must still grapple with the fact of their children and grandchildren. Will we leave them in prison camps?

Certainly we must prepare something for our children. To prepare for tomorrow, today, we must give ourselves and our children two very important gifts.

1. We can leave our children with a clearly defined program that teaches them self-government and a principled civil government, and prepares them for providing leadership for a new free country somewhere in the world. We can teach them the right, even though they live in a warped, contorted world of unjust laws, crime, undisciplined private lives, and instable family structures. We can plant them on the firm Biblical foundations for family, law, education, political structure, indeed, for all of human culture.

2. We can teach our children that God has a plan in history that He will successfully perform. With this our children will find hope and purpose in the events that transpire. These things can be easily conveyed to children if they are isolated from worldly influences during their impressionable and formative years. Certainly parents must not bear a spirit of hopelessness for the future.

Sometimes we are given the impression that all it will take to turn this country around is a bit of carpet cleaning. Certain political provocateurs lead us to believe this. "One president for four years and freedom is won back," they say, "one political election won at a high level and the entire cultural degradation of the past 100 years is reversed." I fear it will take more than a carpet cleaning. The carpets must be rolled up and the basic foundations of freedom must be rebuilt. Freedom is not easily won although it has taken over a hundred years of compromise and complacency to dissolve. Freedom must begin in the hearts of Christians who, during their lives, will commit to applying the Bible to self-government, family life, churches, and communities. Reformation begins with obedience to God's Word on a personal level, and then it expresses itself publicly, and eventually affects all human institutions. It was only 103 years and 11 days after Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Castle door that the Mayflower Compact was drafted and freedom was born. Christians must dig in for the long haul, recognizing that work begun here, now, may not see its fruition until another generation. If we participate in a reformation today, our grandchildren may have freedom again in 60 years.

It is not democracies that will win freedom, for democracies can selfishly vote for stronger government controls on minority groups. Democracies can vote for Hitler and Stalin. Democracies can vote for lawlessness.

But freedom is dependent on Christians. The bottom line is that if there is to be another haven of freedom for oppressed people in this world, it is dependent on another Mayflower. It is immaterial where this new free land will be. It may be somewhere in the United States or elsewhere. But, self-consciously Biblical Christians who are committed to obeying God like the Pilgrims and Puritans of old, must covenant together again and build that haven.

Christians have what it takes to create freedom. They have a blueprint from which to draw a system of law and order that binds tyrants and restrains criminals. They have hope and a sovereign God who truly blesses the faithful and curses the disobedient. Men who have faith in a sovereign God are the only ones who can be counted on to risk anything for the cause of freedom.

The new Mayflower is already being built. Reformation in the church is growing amidst the decline of society and the increasing persecution. It's time to learn to apply the Bible to all areas of life. It's time to get ready for the Second Mayflower.

As George Washington told the Constitutional Convention in 1787, "If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how then may we afterward defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest may repair. The event is in the hand of God." And if we do not begin to rebuild the foundations of freedom today, God will simply use others to do the job.

"We whose names are underwritten...having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honour of our king and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia..." -- The Mayflower Compact (Nov. 11, 1620)

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