John Calvin John Calvin:

Institutes of the Christian Religion

A New Translation, by Henry Beveridge, Esq

The Printers to the Readers.

Whereas some men have thought and reported it to be very great negligence in us for that we have so long kept back from you [this,] being so profitable a work for you, namely fithe maister J[ohnne] Dawes had translated it and delivered it into our handes more than a tweluemoneth past: you shall understande for our excuse in that behalfe, that we could not wel imprinte it soner. For we have ben by diverse necessarie causes constrained with our earnest entreatance to procure an other frede or oures to translate it whole again. This translation, we trust, you shall well allow. For it hath not only ben faithfully done by the translator himself, but also hath ben wholly perused by such men, whoes ingement and credit al the godly learned in Englande well knowe I estheme. But since it is now come forth, we pray you accept it, and see it. If any faultes have passed us by oversight, we beseche you let us have your patience, as you have had our diligence.

The Institution of Christian Religion, written in Latine by M. John Calvine, and translated into English according to the Authors last edition, with sundry Tables to finde the principall matters entreated of in this booke, and also the declaration of places of Scripture therein expounded, by Thomas Norton. Whereunto there are newly added in the margent of the booke, notes containing in briefs the substance of the matter handled in each Section.

Printed at London by Arnold Hatfield, for Bonham Norton. 1599

Epistle to the Reader.
Prefatory Address to King Francis I of France.
Original Translators Preface. Thomas Norton.
Method and Arrangement. By Gaspar Olevian.
Book I. The Knowledge of God the Creator.
Book II. The Knowledge of God the Redeemer in Christ, First Disclosed to the Fathers under the Law, and Then to Us in the Gospel.
Book III. The Way in Which we Receive the Grace of Christ: What Benefits Come to Us From It, and What Effects Follow.
Book IV. The External Means or Aids by Which God Invites Us Into the Society of Christ and Holds Us Therein.
Index of the Entire Work.
Formatted by Doug Whitehead

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