by Richard Baxter

Is a most extraordinary performance, and should be read by every young minister, before he takes a people under his stated care; and, I think, the practical part of it reviewed every three or four years; for nothing would have a greater tendency to awaken the spirit of a minister to that zeal in his work, for want of which many good men are but shadows of what (by the blessing of God) they might be, if the maxims and measures laid down in that incomparable Treatise were strenuously pursued.

Philip Doddridge


Preface By William Brown
Dedication By Richard Baxter
Introductory Note
Chapter 1 The Oversight Of Ourselves
    Section 1 – The Nature Of This Oversight
       Section 2 The Motives To This Oversight
Chapter 2 The Oversight Of The Flock
  Section 1 – The Nature Of This Oversight
  Section 2 – The Manner Of This Oversight
  Section 3 – Motives To The Oversight Of The Flock
Chapter 3 Application
  Section 1 – The Use Of Humiliation
  Section 2 – The Duty Of Personal Catechizing And Instructing The Flock Particularly Recommended
      Part I Motives To This Duty
       Article 1 Motives From The Benefits Of The Work
      Article 2 Motives From The Difficulties Of The Work
      Article 3 Motives From The Necessity Of The Work
      Article 4 Application Of These Motives
    Part II Objections To This Duty
    Part III Directions For This Duty
      Article 1 Directions For Bringing Your People To Submit To Instruction
      Article 2 On Being Effective

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