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I have been using Logos Bible Software. for about three years. I am still at a loss for words. I am simply blown away at all the resources and features that are now at my command.

Here's just a few of the treasures I am now enjoying.

There are the resources. (i.e., books, bibles and data sets to bring it all together) I have the Logos 7 Reformed Diamond version, plus addition books I have purchased, so my library has over 3,750 resources. All of the content is instantly search-able using dozens of search criteria to limit the search to just what you are looking for. (e.g., word, phrase, Bible verse, author, title, subject, Greek or Hebrew word, and on and on and on...) The resultant resources have all your search terms highlighted, and you can choose to move from search term to all other occurrences of the term with ease.

Automatic Citation - is a great research tool. If you are doing research for a Bible study or article and need to quote from the book you are studying all you do miss to copy some text (even a single sentence) from the resource and paste it into a word processor, the footnotes come with it along with the books reference information (Author, date, book name and edition, page number and publisher) in the format of your choice.

As far as the Biblical Languages go, I pretty much know the Greek alphabet and can pronounce the words. That’s about it. Logos has changed all that for me. I can now see how any Greek or Hebrew word is used in context and can easily compare all the other verses where the word is used. Check out this brief video: Bible Word Study. And the many other language tools that Logos provides.

I upgraded to Logos Version 7 (Aug. 22, 2016) and there are some big changes.

Rather than me try to explain the many new features, just visit this link Logos 7 Bible Software and watch the "What's new in Logos 7?" video. Logos has an extensive library of tutorial videos illustrating over 100 of Logos' many features.

The Concordance Tool - This is one of my favorite Logos 7 new features. With any book or Bible you can quickly produce a concordance you can view in numeral or alphabetical order. Then you can further define your concordance by many other criteria depending on the content of the resource you are examining. The under each word you can view a list of the places the "hit" is found and immediately go to that reference. It is very powerful. View the video here.

The Courses Tool - Carefully selected excerpts from your library are brought together to make a Course. Then the resources are logically arranged into periods of time (15 minute, 5 minute, etc.) to present a well-rounded presentation of the subject you have chosen. I now have over 8o pre-compiled courses in my Logos Tools library. Here's some examples: Heidelberg Catechism, Charles Spurgeon's All of Grace, The Westminster Standards, Introduction to The Trinity, The Doctrine of Original Sin and Depravity, The Confessions of St. Augustine, plus many more.

Logos Bible App - Install the app on your tablet and all your resources are available for convenient reading. I prefer reading larger sections of text on a tablet. I also have it installed on my phone.

On a typical day in my home, we have Bible reading followed by a short study. As of this writing we are going through the gospel of John. In preparation, I follow the ritual below:

I open Logos and “Layouts” remembers where I left off the previous day. Open is my King James Bible translation with the Greek text turned on, plus about three commentaries, which I found using the “Passage Guide” with it's many enhanced features added in Logos 7. Also open is “Text Comparison” in a floating window on a second monitor. I open the King James 1900, English Standard, the New King James, and the New International Version bibles for comparison. I often look up the Greek in the “Bible Word Study” window- with its many features not mentioned here.

Now I am ready to work.

Logos has become an important part of my life; a window into a vast library of resources that I could never hope to own in printed form. I love books, but given the option, I would take Logos over print hands down because of all the interconnected features. I now have over 3,750 resources in my library and look forward to adding more. Logos humbles me for I will never master all its many options. Logos is like the sword in Luke 22:36 — and I recommend that "he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Yes, it’s that good!

Ed Walsh, for Reformed.org

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