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Being Taught That We May Teach

Our ministry is called "Being Taught that we may Teach". This title encapsulates what we aim to do. We aim to provide quality, Bible-based instruction to as many people as are interested at no cost, so that these people can then carry the message to others. Most of the courses here are based on sermons and addresses that pastor Martin gave throughout his ministry. We also offer courses in Biblical Greek and Hebrew. If your English grammar skills are rusty, we have a course for that as well. We pray that God will own this ministry to His glory and the extension of His kingdom. - The Bible is everywhere. Has link to download apps for most devices.

Teknia Software

Yes you can learn biblical Greek. Whether you want to learn the Greek alphabet, or learn the meaning of the Greek behind your English Bible, or to read the New Testament in Greek, the resources of Bill Mounce and Teknia Software can help you achieve your goal. Our resources range from free information to a complete set of class lectures you can purchase.

The Institute of Biblical Greek

Realizing that Biblical Greek (Koine) is essential for Christian education we developed The Institute of Biblical Greek to assist those who want to learn Greek and those who have begun the life long project of improving their Greek language skills. Thus our goal is to be a resource that offers tools, helps and recommendations as well as a gateway to other fantastic resources on the web.


" the premier Bible Software (for Macintosh) with the power you need, the interface you expect and the choices you want!..."

Logos Bible Software - Reformed Products

"The new Logos Bible Software is loaded with new tools and resources that will change the way you think about Bible study." Prices start at under $300.00. See my review.

Bibleworks Software

Company Vision
"The purpose of BibleWorks, LLC is to provide pastors, teachers, students, and missionaries with the tools they need to "rightly divide the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15). There are other companies that exist to do this as well, but BibleWorks comes to this task with some unique differences in approach and philosophy: We exist to serve the church, not to make a profit, and all of our business decisions are made with that in mind. Our goal is to provide a complete package containing the tools most essential for the task of interpreting the Scriptures in the original Greek and Hebrew, and to do it at a price that poor pastors and students can afford...."

The CrossWire Bible Society

"We have an abundance of applications, available to support you in your Bible studies on many different platforms. Several of these applications are cross platform. All applications in this section use the same module library and most store their library in the same place on your computer."

Windows, Linux and ALL Modules
Mac OS X version

The Bible Tool

Welcome to The Bible Tool-- a free, evolving open source tool for exploring the Bible and related texts online. Created by CrossWire Bible Society, the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Bible Society as the first in a number of coming Bible engagement tools using an XML standard called OSIS, we provide power searching capabilities and cutting edge tools to help you engage the Bible at a deeper level.

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audio bible

Audio Bible, the King James Version narrated by Alexander Scourby is online!

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