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The Christian Worldview by Scott Bushey

Responses to Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is the most strident proponent of Darwinian evolution and a consummate atheist. This page will eventually contain Reformed responses to all of Dawkins' folly.

Why I Believe in God
  By: Cornelius Van Til

In this essay, Van Til addresses the unbeliever with care and toughness concerning the existence of God. Why I Believe in God, first published as a booklet, contains a very subtle, yet devastating version of Van Til's transcendental argument for Christian Theism. This is a must-read for any defender of the faith.

My Credo
  By: Cornelius Van Til

In this essay, Cornelius Van Til presents to the reader, in clear non-philosophical language, his particular perspective of the apologetic endeavor. This essay serves as a wonderful introduction to Presuppositional apologetics.

A Survey of Christian Epistemology (PDF)
  By: Cornelius Van Til

Van Til and the Ligonier Apologetic
  By: John M. Frame

This is a must-read critique of the book Classical Apologetics by the Ligonier group of classical apologists. It is an irenic examination of the book's positive presentation of classical apologetics and the book's negative critique of Van Til's apologetics system.

Van Til: The Theologian
  By: John M. Frame

This enlightening brochure examines Van Til's numerous theological contributions. Of special interest to the apologist is the discussion included herein about dealing with apparent paradoxes in Christian doctrine.

Jonathan Edwards: Reformed Apologist
  By: Scott Oliphint

This paper examines the question of the compatibility of Edward's Reformed theology and philosophy with Van Til's. Sheds some light on the debate between presuppositional and classical apologists.

Sample Questions for Presbytery Apologetics Exam (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

This paper contains sample questions about apologetics to be asked of candidates for ministry in the OPC.

An Introduction to Gordon H. Clark - Is he the "forgotten" apologist?_ew
  by: John W. Robbins

"As theological students at the end of the twentieth century, you ought not consider yourself well educated until you are familiar with the philosophy of Gordon Haddon Clark."

A Critique of the Evidentialist Apologetical Method of John Warwick Montgomery (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

This paper critiques John Warwick Montgomery's evidential approach to apologetics and answers his critique of Van Til.

Answering Objections (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

An essay about how Christians should answer objections to the Christian Faith.

Apologetics in Practice (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Practical apologetical strategies for defending the faith.

Evangelism and Apologetics (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Teaching on the relationship of evangelism and apologetics.

Letter: Response to John Robbins (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Letter to the editor in which Greg Bahnsen defends Van Til against Gordon Clark's over-zealous defender, John Robbins..

Letter:Bahnsen Contra Flood/Robbins (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Another letter to the editor concerning the Clark/Van Til controversy.

Awaiting Our Verdict? (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Letter to the editor in which Greg Bahnsen responds to J. W. Montgomery's critique of Bahnsen's own article that argued for the impropriety of arguing evidentially for the resurrection.

Machen, Van Til and the Apologetical Tradition of the O.P.C. (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Excellent article arguing for great continuity between the apologetical position of Machen and Van Til.

On Worshipping the Creature Rather Than the Creator (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Romans 1 and unbelieving thought. A must-read.

Prolegomena to Apologetics (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Excerpt of a letter from Bahnsen to a graduate student in philosophy who is being assaulted from every side by unbelief.

Review: A Critique of 'Classical Apologetics' (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

You've read John Frame's critique of the Sproul/Gerstner/Lindsley book "Classical Apologetics." Now, read Bahnsen's critique.

The Heart of the Matter: Knowing and Believing (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Faith? Reason? Belief? How do these relate? This article is a good introduction for beginners in apologetics.

The Impropriety of Evidentially Arguing for the Resurrection (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

This article upset quite a few classical apologists. Read it and see what you think.

Tools of Apologetics (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

"...An army cannot be expected to wage a successful battle if its soldiers are unfamiliar with the various weapons they have at their disposal for dealing with the enemy. Likewise a builder cannot construct or repair a house if he does not know what kinds of carpenter and plumbing tools are available to him and how to use them. In the same way, Christians who want to defend the faith should prepare for answering the criticisms of unbelievers by familiarizing themselves with the "tools" of reasoning and argumentation that can be enlisted in apologetics."

The JFK Assassination and Apologetics (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

What do JFK's assassination and apologetics have in common? Read on to find out.

Where the Rubber Hits the Road (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

More practical instruction in apologetics.

The Mind/Body Problem in Biblical Perspective (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Is the mind nothing more than the brain? Are humans just ghosts in a machine? Greg Bahnsen discusses this important topic.

Cross-Examination: What Does it Mean to Believe? (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

What does it mean to "believe" or "have faith"?

Van Til and Self-Deception (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Bahnsen sees the concept of self-deception as very important to understanding the nature of unbelief and apologetics.

Van Til's 'Presuppositionalism' (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Discusses Van Til's approach to apologetics.

Van Til's Challenge to Illegitimate Common Ground (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Discusses Van Til's approach to the common ground, or "point-of-contact" we have with unbelievers.

Revisionary Immunity (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Technical discussion of attempts to draw the analytic/synthetic distinction and what their failure teaches us about apologetics.

False Antithesis: A Critique of the Notion of Antithesis in Francis Schaeffer's Apologetic (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Critique of Francis Schaeffer's approach to the epistemological cleft between believers and unbelievers.

Ready to Reason (Offsite)
  By: Greg Bahnsen

Just what is the nature of the apologetical obligation which believers have?

  By: B. B. Warfield

Warfield is the consummate representative of the Classical Apologetics position taught at Princeton in the last century. Van Til was self-consciously departing from the position espoused by Warfield.

The Transcendental Perspective of Westminster's Apologetic
  By: Robert Knudsen

Slightly revised version of an address delivered by the author on the occasion of his inaugaration as Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, 4 March 1986.

Why Bertrand Russell Was Not a Christian (Offsite)
  By: Rev. Ralph A. Smith

A Christian Critique of Bertrand Russell's famous article, "Why I am Not a Christian".(Offsite)

At War With the Word: The Necessity of Biblical Antithesis
  By: Greg L. Bahnsen

The radical distinction between Christian and non-Christian thought demands an uncompromised apologetic.

Apologetics and the Heart
  By: Douglas Wilson

A moral problem, the refusal to glorify God as God, is the cause of an intellectual problem. It is not the other way around.

Rethinking Milk Buying
  By: Douglas Jones

The unlikely connection between milk buying and God's existence.

The Inseparable Link Between Reformed Theology and Presuppositional Apologetics
  By: Bryan Neal Baird

This article gives the reader clear reasons why Reformed Theology must be specifically defended using the Presuppositional Method, and not the Classical Method of apologetics.


The Great Debate: Greg Bahnsen vs. Gordon Stein
  The classic debate between Christian, Greg Bahnsen, and Atheist, Gordon Stein

This debate is a must-hear. Greg Bahnsen debates Gordon Stein in a formal debate.

The Futility of Non-Christian Thought 
  A Debate Among: Douglas Jones, Michael Martin, and Keith Parsons

This debate, which originally appeared in Antithesis magazine, is between a Reformed apologist and two prominent atheists. Jones shows why non-Christian thought falls of its own weight, but Martin and Parsons try to rescue it and turn the tables against the Christian.

Justifying Non-Christian Objections
  By: Douglas Wilson and Farrell Till

This debate reveals that when non-Christians object to the Christian world-view, they unavoidably presuppose objective standards. The existence of these objective standards cannot be justified in their own world-views and they are actually borrowed from the Christian world-view.


Responses to Atheist Philosopher, Michael Martin
  Michael Martin is a professor of philosophy at Boston University.

His books include Atheism: A Philosophical Justification (Temple University Press, 1990) and The Case Against Christianity (Temple University Press, 1991). His most recent attack on the Christian faith comes in his article The Transcendental Argument for the Non Existence of God (Autumn 1996, The New Zealand Rationalist). The link is to a page containing responses to all of Martin's works, beginning with his Transcendental Argument for the Non-Existence of God.

Critiques of Classical Apologetics and Natural Theology

This section provides the original texts of some of the classical arguments for the existence of God as well as a critique/rebuttal of each argument. Vital to understanding Reformed Apologetics is the understanding of it in distinction to Roman Catholic or classical apologetics.

Links to Atheistic Information on the Internet

The effective apologist must always be aware of what arguments are being leveled against the Christian position. Follow this link to find a list of links to individual atheists' home pages, famous atheistic writings, and even links to pages from other competing religions.

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