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Jeff Lowder's Home Page

Jeff Lowder's homepage contains an essay he composed about the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. It is interesting to note his criticisms of Josh McDowell. As Reformed apologists, we see two problems with Josh McDowell's apologetic methodology-- First of all, McDowell's theological convictions are Arminian, and not Reformed. This leads him to an unbiblical view of human depravity. Secondly, his methodology shows no awareness of the epistemological issues involved when two complete world-views are set against each other. Instead, he assumes the neutrality of evidence and the neutrality of human reasoning in searching for truth-- in short, he embraces the notion that there can exist "brute" facts-- facts independent of God's interpretation and our re-interpretation. Check Jeff's page out; he even expresses an interest in presuppositional apologetics!

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