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Near Unto God

For the past three days or so I have not really met with the Lord in my devotions, and I find that I am missing Him terribly. “Meeting with God” is something I assume all real Christians know and cherish to some extent. But do you? What is your experience of this most private subject? Or is it simply too intimate to share?

Do you find times when prayer is easy, God’s presence near, holy and awesome? You wonder why it can’t always be like this. Personally, I find that I am addicted to these times. So much so that I rarely miss two and a half hours each morning reading and praying. It is a duty to be sure. But what I am always hoping for is to meet with God face to face and pour out my heart to him, and He commune with me.

Good theology is indispensable in forming a proper understanding of the triune God. But the best theology is never to be the goal and end unto itself. Theology is a tool we need to use. But it is God Himself that we need to seek. -anonymous

Below is the last paragraph of meditation 10 of Abraham Kyper’s - To Be Near Unto God

Hence when in Scripture the Lord meets us with the exhortation, “Seek ye my face,” it is deeply significant. We can see a person afar off, we can hear from him, we can become conscious that he is nearby without having yet gone to him or having yet placed ourselves before him, so that he looks at us and we at him. So there are times in the life of the Christian when he feels impelled to have no rest until he finds God; until, after he has found Him, he has placed himself before Him; and standing before Him, seeks His face, and does not cease until he has met God’s eyes, and the consciousness dawns full and clear that God looks him in the soul, and that he looks God in the eye of Grace. When this comes to pass, the mystery of grace discloses itself.

Kuyper, Abraham. (1918). To Be Near Unto God (p. 52). Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans-Sevensma Co.

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